The Myst Condo Prime Residential Development in the Heart of Bukit Panjang and Cashew Boasting Modern Amenities and Proximity to Green Spaces and Transportation Hubs

The Myst Condo at Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub

The Myst Condo is a fresh development situated in the center of Bukit Panjang and Cashew. City Developments Limited (CDL) Aries, an affiliate of a major non-governmental developer in Singapore, has acquired the rights to two plots adjoining each other at 798 and 800 Upper Bukit Timah Road in Tan Chong industrial park, which is in the northwest of the city-state. With a total area of 16,620 square metres (178,900 square feet), the Myst CDL property has been designated for residential use, with a plot ratio of 2.1. This enables the developer to build a high-rise of up to 24 storeys on the premium plot.

In the last few years, the city-state has sought to revitalize the Bukit Timah area with multiple initiatives introducing increased connectivity and additional green space. This includes the Railway Corridor development close to The Myst Condo, which will turn old railway tracks into a community area, as well as the Beauty World rejuvenation scheme, which aspires to build a green urban village.

The Myst Condo is located in a vibrant neighbourhood, teeming with amenities and public transportation links. Home to several schools, shops, and parks, the 19-floor Hazel Park condominium building is conveniently situated next to the Tan Chong industrial park. Residents of the area can enjoy the convenience of being a mere 7 minutes away from the Cashew MRT station on Singapore’s Downtown Line, as well as a 13-minute walk to the historic Bukit Timah railway station.

CDL Aries is in a prime position to capitalise on the current and future developments in The Myst Condo vicinity, having secured the site at Upper Bukit Timah. This acquisition affords them the chance to build a residential project that offers Singaporeans and investors alike a prestigious and convenient abode.

The Myst Condo is perfectly situated for individuals and families to enjoy the best of both worlds – easy access to the city-state as a whole, as well as the convenience of having recreational and lifestyle amenities right at their doorstep. CDL will be able to tap into the wide, open green spaces and renovation plans close by to bring life to the area and create a homely and pleasant living environment for all its residents.

CDL Aries is poised to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the new residential area of Upper Bukit Timah. The purchase of two plots of land for S$126.3 million ($92.5 million) has set the stage for a potentially unique and highly sought-after residential property project. CDL Aries has the potential to craft a development that is attractive to Singaporeans and investors alike, thanks to the area’s variety of development plans.

The Myst Condo provides its residents with an unparalleled level of convenience due to its proximity to the Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub. Residents of the Myst Condo are spoilt for choice with the abundance of amenities available at the transport hub.

The Myst Condo offers great convenience and flexibility for multigenerational households, as it is situated in close proximity to the Bukit Panjang Transport Hub. The area is served by Bukit Panjang MRT Station, Segar LRT Station, and Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange, offering residents a wide range of public transportation options for reaching their desired destinations.

The Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub is home to the 9th Integrated Transport Hub in Singapore – The Myst Condo. Located right next to Hillion Mall, its immense accessibility to a number of schools nearby makes it an excellent choice for those with young children. With De La Salle School just a stone’s throw away, there is no shortage of educational opportunities. Furthermore, a wide array of international schools in the vicinity provide even more schooling choices.

The Myst Condo offers its residents an array of amenities and conveniences. With a 10-minute walking distance to the closest MRT station and several shopping malls, residents are able to take advantage of all the nearby eateries and retail shopping opportunities. Additionally, those living at The Myst Condo can also access Jelapang MRT, Choa Chu Kang MRT, and Yew Tee MRT, as well as the free shuttle bus service provided by the developer to Bukit Panjang Downtown MRT.

If you’re in search of an easily accessible location, then The Myst Condo is the perfect solution. Just a half-an-hour walk away, you’ll find both Bukit Panjang MRT Station and Hillview MRT Station. On top of that, the closest bus stops, including Bef Chestnut Avenue, Bukit Panjang Road, and Upper Bukit Timah Road, are all within walking distance. Plus, Orchard Road and the Central Business District are only 25 minutes away.
With a wide range of amenities and facilities to choose from, the Myst Condo is truly a sanctuary for your family.

The Myst Condo at Bukit Timah Road is a highly desirable residential complex in Singapore. Boasting a lush tropical landscape, surrounded by verdant greenery and rolling hills, this luxurious condominium provides its tenants with stunning views of the beautiful surrounding nature. Offering a comprehensive range of amenities and facilities, the Myst Condo is a haven for families looking for a peaceful place to stay.

The Myst of the forest is well known for its spectacular, unobstructed views of the surrounding natural world. From the higher levels of the condominium, one can marvel at the breathtaking panorama of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and its verdant hills. Allowing its observers to take in the serenity and tranquility of the landscape, the vista extends beyond the horizon.

The Myst CDL of the forest is designed to offer its occupants a premium experience. The condominium boasts a range of modern amenities and facilities, including a swimming pool, gym, tennis court, and a clubhouse. Additionally, there is a sky garden, the ideal place to enjoy the scenery and relax. With these features, the Myst CDL of the forest ensures a delightful stay for all its residents. The spacious apartments come in a variety of sizes and are uniquely designed to cater to the needs of different kinds of families.

The …

Singapore office rents see subdued growth in 1Q2023: JLL

Despite macroeconomic uncertainty dampening demand for office space in Singapore’s Central Business District, Grade A office rents showed a modest growth of 1.0% in the first quarter of 2023. According to JLL Singapore’s research, the gross effective rent for CBD Grade A office spaces rose on a quarterly basis to an average of $11.30 psf pm.

This is the second consecutive quarter of slowing growth following five quarters of consecutive growth, which Andrew Tangye, JLL Singapore’s head of office leasing and advisory, attributes to companies pausing their expansion and relocation plans.

Tay Huey Ying, JLL Singapore’s head of research and consultancy, notes that despite the current caution in sentiment, the scarcity of Grade A office space has prompted some companies to upgrade offices to better quality spaces in recent or soon-to-be-completed projects. This includes Munich Re and Corney & Barrow, who respectively took up two floors in 18 Cross Street and relocated to Hub Synergy Point, amongst others.

Several new office buildings are due for completion in the next two years in the CBD and beyond, including the Guoco Midtown in the Bugis-Beach Road area, IOI Central Boulevard Towers in Marina Bay, and Labrador Tower along Pasir Panjang Road, which are already partially pre-committed or negotiated. Financial, technology, media and professional services companies are amongst some of the occupiers that have already taken up or are in talks to lease these new spaces.

Despite this steady leasing activity, Tay believes that due to the present macroeconomic environment, backfilling of vacated spaces could take a bit longer and keep rental growth modest, or nonexistent, for the rest of the year. She added that the current lull in rent growth presents an opportunity for large space users to look into new office spaces in good quality buildings as the window is prime.

Tangye echoes her view, and expects that rent growth will pick up again post-2024 as the supply of Grade A office space dips and economic prospects gradually improve.…

Driving Innovation and Sustainability of The Success Story of Tan Chong Industrial Motor in Bukit Panjang

Tan Chong Industrial Motor (TCIM) is a well-known automotive company based in Bukit Panjang, Singapore. Founded in 1972, TCIM has since grown into one of the largest automotive groups in Southeast Asia, with operations spanning across multiple countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The company’s main business is the distribution and retail of Nissan vehicles, as well as providing after-sales services and spare parts. TCIM has a strong reputation for its customer service, with a team of trained professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to customers.

One of TCIM’s most significant accomplishments is its role as the exclusive distributor of Nissan vehicles in Singapore. The partnership between TCIM and Nissan has been going strong for over four decades, with both companies sharing a commitment to quality and innovation.

In addition to Nissan, TCIM also distributes other automotive brands such as Renault and Subaru, providing customers with a wide range of choices when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. The company also offers a range of after-sales services, including repairs, maintenance, and vehicle customization.

One of the most impressive aspects of TCIM is its state-of-the-art facility in Bukit Panjang. The facility spans over 3.3 hectares and includes a large showroom, service center, and parts warehouse. The showroom features a wide range of Nissan vehicles, from compact cars to SUVs, and is designed to provide customers with a comfortable and welcoming environment to browse and test drive vehicles.

The service center is staffed by a team of trained technicians who are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure that vehicles are repaired and maintained to the highest standards. The parts warehouse is also stocked with a wide range of genuine Nissan spare parts, ensuring that customers have access to the parts they need to keep their vehicles running smoothly.

TCIM is also committed to sustainability and is constantly seeking ways to reduce its environmental impact. The company has implemented various initiatives, such as reducing energy consumption and water usage, as well as promoting the use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Another aspect that sets TCIM apart from other automotive companies is its strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company has a dedicated CSR team that works on various initiatives to give back to the community. For example, TCIM has partnered with various non-profit organizations to provide support and assistance to those in need. The company also organizes various events and activities to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable living.

In conclusion, Tan Chong Industrial Motor is a company that has made a significant impact on the automotive industry in Singapore and Southeast Asia. With its strong partnership with Nissan, state-of-the-art facility, and commitment to customer service, TCIM has earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy automotive company. The company’s commitment to sustainability and CSR initiatives also sets it apart from other companies in the industry, demonstrating its dedication to making a positive impact on both the environment and the community.…

Bukit Panjang An Idyllic Suburb with Plenty to Offer for a Peaceful and Fulfilling Lifestyle

Bukit Panjang, a suburb located in the northwestern region of Singapore, is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil and peaceful lifestyle with plenty of amenities and facilities that cater to the needs of its residents. With a growing population of over 140,000 people, Bukit Panjang has become a popular choice for those looking for a quieter and more affordable alternative to living in the bustling city.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why Bukit Panjang is a very good place to stay and what makes it an ideal location for families, young professionals, and retirees looking for a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Convenient Location

Bukit Panjang is strategically located in the northwestern region of Singapore, making it easily accessible by public transportation, such as the MRT, LRT, and buses. Residents can enjoy the convenience of living in a suburban area while having easy access to the city’s amenities and facilities. It takes less than 30 minutes to reach the city center by public transport, making it an ideal location for those who work in the city.

Affordable Housing

Compared to other neighborhoods in Singapore, Bukit Panjang offers affordable housing options for residents. The Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats are a popular choice among residents, with a range of options available, including studio apartments, 2-room flats, 3-room flats, 4-room flats, 5-room flats, and executive apartments.

Lush Greenery

Bukit Panjang is known for its lush greenery and beautiful parks, making it an ideal location for nature lovers. The Bukit Batok Nature Park and Dairy Farm Nature Park are two of the most popular parks in the area, offering residents a place to unwind and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also located nearby, providing an ideal location for those who enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.

Plenty of Amenities and Facilities

Bukit Panjang has plenty of amenities and facilities that cater to the needs of its residents. The Hillion Mall is a popular shopping center in the area, with a range of retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Bukit Panjang Plaza is another popular shopping center, with a range of supermarkets, food courts, and specialty stores.

Education Options

Bukit Panjang offers a range of education options for families with young children. There are several primary and secondary schools in the area, including Bukit Panjang Primary School, Beacon Primary School, Greenridge Secondary School, and Assumption Pathway School. The Singapore American School is also located nearby, offering an ideal location for expatriates with children.

Strong Community Spirit

Bukit Panjang has a strong community spirit, with several community centers and organizations that offer a range of activities and events for residents. The Bukit Panjang Community Club is a popular venue for community events, while the Bukit Panjang Neighbourhood Committee organizes regular community activities such as clean-up drives and cultural events.

Healthcare Facilities

Bukit Panjang has several healthcare facilities in the area, including the Senja Medical Clinic and the Phoenix Medical Group. The Ng Teng Fong General Hospital is also located nearby, providing residents with access to a range of medical services.

In conclusion, Bukit Panjang is an idyllic suburb that offers a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. With its convenient location, affordable housing options, lush greenery, plenty of amenities and facilities, education options, strong community spirit, and healthcare facilities, it is no wonder why Bukit Panjang is a very good place to stay. It is an ideal location for families, young professionals, and retirees who are looking for a comfortable and serene environment to call home. Whether you enjoy spending time outdoors, shopping, or engaging in community activities, Bukit Panjang has something to offer for everyone.

For families with young children, Bukit Panjang offers several educational options that are close to home. The schools in the area are known for their excellent academic standards and provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow and learn. The Singapore American School is also located nearby, providing a world-class education for expatriates with children.

For nature lovers, Bukit Panjang is a haven of lush greenery and beautiful parks. The Bukit Batok Nature Park and Dairy Farm Nature Park are perfect places to explore the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also located nearby, providing an ideal location for those who enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.

For those who enjoy shopping and dining out, Bukit Panjang has several shopping centers and restaurants to choose from. The Hillion Mall and Bukit Panjang Plaza are popular shopping centers in the area, offering a range of retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Bukit Panjang also has a strong community spirit, with several community centers and organizations that offer a range of activities and events for residents. The Bukit Panjang Community Club and Neighbourhood Committee organize regular community events, such as clean-up drives, cultural events, and volunteer work, which foster a sense of community and belonging.

Finally, Bukit Panjang also has several healthcare facilities in the area, ensuring that residents have access to quality medical services when needed. The Ng Teng Fong General Hospital is located nearby, providing a range of medical services to residents.

In conclusion, Bukit Panjang is an ideal location for those who seek a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle in a serene environment. With its convenient location, affordable housing, lush greenery, amenities and facilities, education options, strong community spirit, and healthcare facilities, Bukit Panjang is a great place to live for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. It is no wonder why it is considered one of the best places to live in Singapore and why more people are choosing to call Bukit Panjang their home.…

Unveiling the Untold Story of CDL Real Estate Developer From Its Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition

When we hear the name “CDL Real Estate Developer,” the first thing that comes to mind is its reputation as a globally recognized developer with a portfolio of remarkable projects that redefine urban living. But behind this corporate identity lies a story of perseverance, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

CDL Real Estate Developer: A Brief History

CDL Real Estate Developer (CDL) was founded in 1963 by Kwek Hong Png, a visionary entrepreneur who started his business as a small construction company. Over the years, CDL grew steadily, and in 1972, it was listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Today, CDL is one of the largest and most successful real estate developers in Singapore, with a global presence in over 100 locations across 30 countries.

CDL’s early success can be attributed to its innovative approach to construction, which included the use of prefabricated building components, a rarity at the time. This allowed CDL to complete projects faster and more efficiently than its competitors, giving it an edge in the market. Today, CDL’s commitment to innovation and sustainability remains at the core of its business philosophy, as it seeks to create lasting value for its stakeholders.

CDL’s Global Footprint

CDL’s global presence spans across Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. The company’s diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, hospitality, and mixed-use developments, each designed to meet the unique needs of its local markets. In Singapore, CDL is known for its iconic projects, such as The Sail @ Marina Bay, South Beach Residences, and Nouvel 18, which have redefined the city’s skyline and set new benchmarks for luxury living.

Outside Singapore, CDL has made a mark with its sustainable developments that prioritize environmental conservation and community well-being. In London, CDL developed the landmark One Nine Elms, a mixed-use development that includes two towers with 44 and 56 storeys respectively. The project received the BREEAM Excellent rating for its sustainable features and is one of London’s most coveted addresses.

CDL has also invested in hospitality developments, including the Millennium Hotels and Resorts brand, which operates in over 100 locations worldwide. CDL’s hospitality arm has won numerous awards for its exceptional service and commitment to sustainability, making it a preferred choice for business and leisure travelers alike.

CDL’s Commitment to Sustainability

As a responsible developer, CDL is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and contributing to the well-being of local communities. CDL’s sustainability initiatives include the adoption of green building technologies, the use of renewable energy sources, and the promotion of recycling and waste reduction practices.

CDL has set ambitious targets for reducing its carbon emissions and has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The company has also integrated sustainability into its business strategy and decision-making processes, ensuring that its developments are not only environmentally friendly but also socially and economically sustainable.

CDL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are also a testament to its commitment to community well-being. CDL’s flagship CSR program, the CDL E-Generation Challenge, empowers young people to create innovative solutions to environmental challenges. The program has reached over 40,000 students in Singapore and has expanded to other countries, including China, Japan, and the United Kingdom.


CDL Real Estate Developer’s journey from a small construction company to a globally recognized developer is a testament to its perseverance, innovation, and commitment to excellence. CDL’s portfolio of remarkable projects has set new benchmarks for luxury living, while its sustainability initiatives and CSR programs reflect its commitment to creating lasting value for its stakeholders and contributing to a better world.

As CDL continues to expand its global footprint and undertake new projects, it remains committed to its core values of sustainability, innovation, and community well-being. Its success is not only measured by the quality of its developments but also by the positive impact it has on the environment and society.

CDL’s story serves as an inspiration for other businesses looking to make a difference in the world. By adopting a sustainable and socially responsible approach to business, companies can create lasting value for their stakeholders and contribute to a better future for all.

In conclusion, CDL Real Estate Developer is not just a developer with a remarkable portfolio, but also a company that has redefined the meaning of responsible business. Its journey from humble beginnings to global recognition is a story of perseverance, innovation, and a commitment to creating value for its stakeholders. As CDL continues to grow and expand, its vision of sustainable and responsible development will undoubtedly shape the future of urban living.…

Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub A Comprehensive Guide to Singapore’s First Integrated Transport Hub

Singapore’s transportation system is known for its efficiency, safety, and convenience. With the recent launch of the Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub (ITH), Singaporeans have another reason to celebrate. The Bukit Panjang ITH is the first of its kind in Singapore, providing a seamless transfer between various modes of transportation. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Bukit Panjang ITH, its facilities, and how it benefits commuters.

What is the Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub?

The Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) is a comprehensive transportation facility located in the heart of Bukit Panjang. It serves as a central point for commuters to transfer between various modes of transportation, including the MRT, LRT, and bus services. The ITH is designed to improve commuters’ travel experience by providing a seamless transfer between different modes of transportation.

The ITH is part of the government’s efforts to enhance the public transportation system in Singapore. It is the first of several ITHs planned across the island. The Bukit Panjang ITH was officially opened on 4 September 2017 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Facilities and Features

The Bukit Panjang ITH is a one-stop transportation hub, offering a wide range of facilities and features to commuters. These include:

MRT Station
The Bukit Panjang ITH is connected to the Downtown Line (DTL) and the Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT) network. The DTL connects Bukit Panjang to the city centre, while the BPLRT serves the Bukit Panjang estate. The MRT station is located on the basement level of the ITH and is easily accessible from the bus interchange and LRT stations.

Bus Interchange
The Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange is located on the first level of the ITH. It provides seamless connectivity to various parts of Singapore, including the city centre, Jurong East, Woodlands, and Changi Airport. The bus interchange has 17 boarding berths, with services provided by SBS Transit and SMRT Buses.

Retail and F&B Outlets
The Bukit Panjang ITH has a wide range of retail and food and beverage (F&B) outlets. These include popular brands such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and BreadTalk. The retail outlets offer a range of products and services, including convenience stores, pharmacies, and beauty salons.

Community Club
The Bukit Panjang ITH also houses a community club, providing a range of activities and events for residents. The community club has a multi-purpose hall, dance studio, and rooftop garden. It also offers various courses and activities, including cooking classes, fitness classes, and art workshops.

Benefits to Commuters

The Bukit Panjang ITH provides several benefits to commuters, including:

Seamless Transfer between Different Modes of Transportation
The Bukit Panjang ITH offers a seamless transfer between different modes of transportation, including the MRT, LRT, and bus services. Commuters no longer have to walk long distances or transfer at multiple stations to reach their destination. The ITH provides a convenient and efficient way to travel across Singapore.

Comfortable and Convenient Waiting Areas
The Bukit Panjang ITH has several comfortable and convenient waiting areas, providing a pleasant experience for commuters. The waiting areas are air-conditioned, with seating areas and digital display boards showing the estimated arrival times of buses and trains.

Wide Range of Retail and F&B Outlets
The Bukit Panjang ITH has a wide range of retail and F&B outlets, providing commuters with various options to shop and dine. This is especially useful for commuters who may have to wait for their connecting transport or who need to grab a quick bite before heading off to their destination.

Accessibility for Residents
The Bukit Panjang ITH is located in the heart of the Bukit Panjang estate, making it easily accessible for residents. The ITH provides a range of transport options for residents to travel to other parts of Singapore, including the city centre and Changi Airport.

Community Activities and Events
The community club located within the Bukit Panjang ITH provides residents with a range of activities and events. This helps to foster a sense of community within the Bukit Panjang estate and provides residents with an opportunity to connect with their neighbours.

Future Plans for Integrated Transport Hubs

The Bukit Panjang ITH is the first of several integrated transport hubs planned across Singapore. These hubs are designed to provide seamless connectivity between different modes of transportation and to enhance the overall travel experience for commuters.

The next ITH to be completed will be the Tampines ITH, which is expected to open in 2022. The Tampines ITH will serve as a central point for commuters to transfer between the MRT, bus, and bicycle sharing services. It will also have a range of retail and F&B outlets, as well as a community club.


The Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub is a significant addition to Singapore’s transportation infrastructure. It provides commuters with a seamless transfer between different modes of transportation and offers a range of facilities and features to enhance the overall travel experience. The ITH is also an example of Singapore’s commitment to sustainable and efficient public transportation. With more ITHs planned across the island, Singapore’s transportation system is set to become even more integrated and convenient for commuters.…

Six-storey Boat Quay shophouse sold for $37 mil

High demand for premium commercial shophouses in the prime Boat Quay location has resulted in the sale of a six-storey shophouse for $37 million. Savills Singapore brokered the deal, in which the seller made a sizeable gain of $16 million. The prime property, located at 52 Boat Quay and occupying a 1,119 sq ft site, comes with an estimated total built-up area of about 6,446 sq ft.

Renovations in 2015 have resulted in a modern and well-equipped commercial space, complete with corporate office tenants situated on the second and fourth floors. On the ground floor stands an Izakaya bar, whilst on the top two floors is the Italian restaurant Braci.

Yap Hui Yee, Executive Director of Investment Sales and Capital Markets at Savills Singapore, was responsible for the deal. She commented that the property attracted “significant interest” and cited the rarity of riverfront-facing properties being available for sale in the area, speaking highly of its charm.

The history of the shophouse shows that the seller purchased it in June 2018 for $21.35 million, indicating a whopping profit of $16 million. It’s not a surprise that investors were eager to get their hands on this property!

Check out the latest listings near Boat Quay – the high demand for premium commercial shophouses in this prime location has opened a unique opportunity to acquire charming flagship properties in the heart of the CBD.

EdgeProp Research tool provides an overview and map of commercial properties on and near 52 Boat Quay to assist in making informed decisions.…

Why Jurong is The Next Up and Coming Estate

Jurong is a rapidly developing area of Singapore that is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after places to live. Located in the western region of Singapore, it is home to the Jurong East Regional Centre, one of the busiest commercial hubs in the city. This area is also home to a wide variety of commercial, retail and residential developments, making it an attractive option for both tourists and locals alike.

For starters, Jurong is known for its excellent transportation options. It is well-connected to the rest of Singapore through the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system, making it easy for people to access other parts of the city. In addition, there are several expressways that make it easy for commuters to get to different parts of the island quickly. Furthermore, Jurong is also home to a number of bus stops, giving commuters more options for getting around.

In addition to its excellent transportation links, Jurong also offers a wide range of housing options. From luxury apartments to family-friendly terrace houses, there is something for everyone in this up-and-coming estate. What’s more, Jurong also has a wide selection of shopping centres, restaurants, entertainment venues and other facilities, making it an ideal place for people to live and work.

Finally, Jurong is also known for its vibrant nightlife. There are numerous bars, pubs, and clubs in this area, making it the perfect place to go out and have a good time. Furthermore, the area is also home to a number of music festivals and events, giving residents plenty of opportunities to socialise and have a good time.

All in all, Jurong is an up-and-coming estate that offers a wide range of amenities and facilities. Whether you’re looking for convenient transportation options, a variety of housing options, shopping and entertainment venues, or a vibrant nightlife, Jurong is a great place to live and visit. With its excellent amenities and facilities, it’s no surprise that this area is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after places to live in Singapore.

Jurong is a residential estate in Singapore that has been gaining popularity in recent years. This is due to its proximity to the city centre and its growing infrastructure. Jurong is located near the western part of Singapore and is easily accessible through the MRT lines, expressways and buses. It is also an ideal place for investors, with its strategic location, good public transport and ample amenities.

The location of Jurong is one of its main advantages. It is close to the city centre, making it a convenient choice for those who want to commute to the city for work or leisure. The nearby Jurong East MRT station, as well as other public transport options, make getting around the neighbourhood convenient and easy. This is a major draw for potential buyers, as it makes it easier to get around the city.

The infrastructure of Jurong has also been rapidly expanding. This includes new shopping malls, such as Jem and Westgate, as well as a new MRT line. These amenities make it easier for residents to access the amenities they need. There are also new recreational options such as the Jurong Lake Park and the Jurong East Sports Complex. These provide residents with a range of activities to enjoy, from shopping and dining to sports and leisure.

In addition to this, Jurong is an attractive option for investors due to its strategic location. The neighbourhood is surrounded by industrial estates, making it ideal for those looking to purchase and develop property. This has led to many investors taking advantage of the potential in the area, and the increased demand for property has driven up prices in the area.

Jurong is also becoming a popular choice for families. This is due to its proximity to good schools, such as the Jurong Junior College, as well as the many amenities in the area. There are also several parks and green spaces, which provide families with a safe place to relax and enjoy nature.

Overall, Jurong is an up and coming estate with much to offer. Its strategic location, good transportation links and ample amenities make it an attractive choice for buyers and investors. In addition, the increasing number of recreational and leisure options make it an attractive choice for families. As a result, Jurong is an ideal location for those looking to invest in property or to find a place to call home.…